Top Choir Microphones

Stage and choir microphones possess certain characteristics. They are cardioid condenser and come with extra long cables. The design of such microphones is simple and even a little bit robust but it ensures the microphone will survive in case of a fall and stays protected against interference. These microphones come in neutral colors to be unnoticeable on the stage.

All theater and choral microphones feature a locking system of feedback that just doesn't let unpleasant, sharp noise to form because of the contact with the microphone sound in the speakers. These devices enhance the sound quality and make the operation of the system really simple. They are equipped with super-cardioid, cardioid and omnidirectional capsules, plus other auxiliary accessories can be attached to them. Below you will find the list of the best choir microphones.

1.Shure CVO-W/C

Shure CVO-W/C

Shure CVO-W / C is great for theatrical performances, and is also commonly used on the stage and in churches. It is a hanging condenser microphone that is mounted on a flexible holder with the power cable. Due to its cardioid capsule the device easily catches even the quietest sounds on the stage and is good at transmitting the vocal sound. The microphone's built-in preamplifier enhances the sound transmission. This device comes with the wind protection and a built-in protection circuit against interference - Comm Shield Technology.

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2.Shure MX202B/C

Shure MX202B/C

SHURE MX202B/C is the best choice for sound recording and performing on the stage. In fact, it is a mini theater and choral microphone with cardioids. It is typically placed over the heads of the performers. Shure (USA) is a highly rated company in the whole world, known for manufacturing perfect microphones that work best for live and studio work. While this model is extremely easy to use, it is very functional. It has the microphone capsules of three types: "C" - cardioid polar pattern, "S" - super-cardioid directivity, "O" - a circumferential direction. Besides the microphone features convenient flexible neck that ensures precise direction of the device. Due to cardioid directivity users can record the cleanest sound possible. MX202BP/C has a wide dynamic range and frequency response (50 Hz to 17,000 Hz), plus it requires an external phantom power (11 V to 52 V).

Boasting stylish design and providing great many useful features SHURE MX202BP/C was created to provide the highest quality sound and durability.

3.Blue Microphones Bluebird

Blue Microphones Bluebird

This condenser microphone has been designed to capture bright and clear high tones, as well as smooth and juicy medium-low. It is excellent for studio recording of not only vocals, backing vocals and choir but musical instruments as well. The stylish microphone is rather compact, and comes with the steel casing, which ensures its unsurpassed durability. Compatible with Mac and PC Blue Microphones Bluebird has a quite wide frequency range of 20 - 20,000 Hz and delivers the crystal clear sound. The microphone comes in a wooden box, plus features a lightweight holder-spider and a metal and pop-filter. The device is assembled manually allowing the user to control the quality of each individual part. This model is protected from unnecessary noise.

4.Beyerdynamic MC930 - Stereo Set

Beyerdynamic MC930 - Stereo Set

Beyerdynamic MC 930 Stereo-Set includes a pair of high-quality condenser microphones MC 930 with cardioid polar pattern, two windshield, two holders and cases. With 40-20000 Hz of the frequency range and the signal noise ratio of 71 dB these microphones are ideal for concert recording of the choir, orchestra or solo instruments. It can be used in studio as well. With windshield used it performs great for recording vocals or speech. The microphone Beyerdynamic MC 930 features a switchable frequency filter and requires phantom power 11-52 V.

5.Astatic 900

Astatic 900

It is an excellent hanging condenser microphone that ensures high quality natural sound. It boasts a wide, flat frequency response that guarantees incredible sound! When used together with the sound-amplifying equipment this cardioid microphone eliminates the feedback impact. The flexible gooseneck-type body of the device is laminated in plastic. The microphone comes with a 3-pin mini XLR connector with phantom power adapter and the 10-meter cable.

6.Earthworks C30

Earthworks C30

ChoirMic series microphones are designed to eliminate the problems caused by the dubbing of the choir. The cardioid or hyper-cardioid microphones with frequency range of 30 kHz ensure a clear reproduction with no "highlight" of the axial sound source. They are great for the sound of the choir as well as a group of soloists standing in front of the choir and can be used for recording orchestra with strings, woodwinds, and percussion. The direction of the microphone can be altered without moving the stand.

7.AKG C1000S

AKG C1000S

This is a truly universal condenser microphone with a selectable cardioid/hyper-cardioid directivity that is good for both studio and "live" recording and vocals. Due to directional converter PPC 1000 the microphone can be easily switched from cardioid to hyper-cardioid. It can be powered by the 9V battery or the external phantom power. The frequency range of the microphone is 50 Hz - 20k Hz.

8.Beyerdynamic MC840

Beyerdynamic MC840

Beyerdynamic MC 840 is a studio condenser microphone produced by a reputable German company specializing in manufacturing high performance headphones and microphones. The given model is widely used for recording musical instruments as well as singing and choral performances. What sets this model apart from other similar mics is its changeable directivity pattern. It features omnidirectional, wide cardioid, cardioid, hyper-cardioid and "eight" setup options so the user can adjust the device to meet the particular requirements. The mic comes with an elastic suspension, a microphone holder and a case for easy storage and transportation.


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