Top 10 Schools For Musicians

The ability to sing is not one that is simply developed overnight, and in most cases takes years and years of development to establish proficiency. Most famous musicians attend high quality to schools to not only expand upon their vocal abilities but also to educate themselves in the background of the very complex art. Here are the top ten schools where students can perfect their craft of singing:

#1 Berklee College of Music - Boston, Massachusetts

Berklee College of Music

The Berklee College of Music is one of the most renowned around the world. They focus on a more intimate level of teaching and attention to their students by averaging eleven students per class. They offer more than seven hundred concerts and shows that their students can take part in on any given year. Some of the notable alumni include John Mayer, Melissa Etheridge, and Alan Silvestri.

#2 Bucknell University - Lewisburg, Pennsylvania

Bucknell University

Not only does Bucknell offer a Bachelor of Music in Performance degree to undergraduates, but it also dedicates particular courses to students on an individual level. They do not offer a graduate program so they have more emphasis in undergraduate opportunities. These students no longer have to compete with often more polished graduate students and they get to participate in more opera and showcase opportunities. Also, as opposed to conservatories that strictly offer music as an option, Bucknell students get to experience a more traditional college education that develops them in a more well-rounded sense and in essence better prepares them for the real world.

#3 College Conservatory of Music - University of Cincinnati - Cincinnati, Ohio

College Conservatory of Music

The College Conservatory of Music of the University of Cincinnati is praised for the individual attention and given to their students. Although the undergraduate class of under one thousand is much smaller than your traditional school, singers are offered private lessons on a weekly basis and have the opportunity to participate in the many operas they host each year. In order to prevent competition with graduate students, they set aside a separate opera project strictly for undergraduates. These operas take place in either the Corbett Auditorium or the Patricia Corbett Theater, which are their two famous theaters where students perform.

#4 The Juilliard School - New York, New York

The Juilliard School

Juilliard is regarded as one of the most prestigious performing art schools in the country. Not to mention, its voice and opera program is extremely rigorous and only meant for the emotionally fearless and highly competent vocalist. Since the program focuses heavily on opera studies, each student is presented with a chance to perform in at least one opera each year. Tony Award winner Audra McDonald, Soprano singer Renee Fleming as well as Leontyne Price all received their vocal education at Juilliard.

#5 Manhattan School of Music - New York, New York

Manhattan School of Music

The Manhattan School of Music otherwise known as MSM is located in the heart of the Big Apple. Its undergraduate class consists of approximately four hundred students striving to earn a project or internship to promote their musical career through the school's Center for Music Entrepreneurship. The undergraduate program events commonly provide alumi panels on 'What it takes to Make a Career' and other career oriented workshops on how increase freelance work and opportunities in the like. The Manhattan School of Music performs more than seven hundred shows annually ranging from jazz concerts to fully staged operas.

#6 Northwestern University - Bienen School of Music - Evanston, Illinois

Northwestern University

The Bienen School of Music at Northwestern University does not mess around when it comes to student curriculum. Students enrolled in the Bienen School of music voice and opera program will take studio classes, musical theater classes, receive weekly vocal instruction, and several opportunities to participate in numerous performances and choirs. Plus, students in this program are strongly encouraged to study for a double degree by pairing as a music major and as a major of another outside field. The school is located twelve miles from Chicago's downtown providing students with several gateway opportunities within the city.

#7 The Peabody Institute of Johns Hopkins University - Baltimore, Maryland

Peabody Institute

John Hopkins, contrary to popular belief, is known for more than just its medical program. The school also hosts a highly regarded tech conservatory with computer music and recording studio labs. This technology is so advanced that it can actually transfer music between studios and provide strong opportunities for the school's vocal students to further their music careers. Junior level students and higher are also encouraged to compete in the Sylvia L. Green Voice Competition, where they can perform a ten to twenty minute vocal repertoire accompanied by a chamber or full orchestra. The grand prize winner will receive $1,500 and a full perfomance with the orchestra for the following year.

#8 San Francisco Conservatory of Music - San Francisco, California

San Francisco Conservatory of Music

The SFCM elite voice program puts together nine renditions of full to partial staged operas every year, one annual vocal concerto competition, and two hour performance labs weekly. SFCM also holds several other performance opportunities for their students through the the New Music chamber choirs, ensembles, and collaborations. SFCM prepares their students for the real world through numerous auditions and career development workshops as well as through networking events with the city opera and other regional companies. SFCM graduates like Catherine Naglestad and Julie Adams (now international singers) were encouraged to seek out auditions from high end companies and prepare for life after graduation.

#9 Temple University - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Temple University

Although Temple University may have a large enrollment rate, only a third of the classes at the university have twenty students or fewer within them. Students that come to TU seeking a vocal degree at the Boyer College of Music and Dance with be enrolled in weekly student ensembles and studio voice classes. In order to extend a student's repertoire, they are encouraged to take up opportunities in either the Temple's Concert Choir, Chorale, and/or Singers. Upon completion of the voice major, each student is required to perform a senior recital as a conclusion of all of their performances.

#10 Towson University - Towson, Maryland

Towson University

Towson currently hosts four curricular choirs including the Treble Choir, Men's Choir, Choral Society, and Chorale. Each year the four choirs present several concerts for the community. The voice programs load work includes audio quizzes on pitch, rhythm, and intonation, breath support, performs decorum, and diction. TU also hosts the Music Composition Streaming Project at Townson which is an online showcase that highlights several student composers. This stream strongly helps in promoting the undergraduates' vocal careers.

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