Top 10 Boys Choruses

#1 The Amabile Boys Choir

Amabile Boys Choir

The TCC otherwise known as Treble Training Choir welcomes boys ages 8 and up with unchanged voices. For most boys auditioning, this training choir will be their first of many experiences in proper choral singing. This choir serves as a stepping stone for boys to gain experience in performing, singing, correct vocal techniques, tone production, breathing, posture, how to read music, and the basic theories behind music.

#2 American Boychoir

American Boychoir

Regarded as the top concert boy's choir within the United States, the American Boychoir continues to wow audiences annually with its truly unique blend of musical elegance, ensemble virtuosity, and effervescent spirit. Under the leadership of Fernando Malvar-Ruiz, the Litton-Lodal Music Director, boys from ages 9 to 14 who reflect U.S. cultural diversity are invited from all across the globe to study and pursue a highly rigorous academic and musical curriculum. The American Boychoir School was established in 1937 in Columbus, Ohio and is the only non-sectarian boy's choir school within the nation. (The school relocated in 1950 to Princeton, New Jersey)

#3 Aurelius Boys' Choir

Aurelius Boys' Choir

Hans-Jorg Kalmbach founded the ASKC otherwise known as the Aurelius Sangerknaben Calw in 1983. The choir had simple beginnings but as the years past the ASKC began increasing requested for both their choral and solo capabilities. Johannes Sorg continues to lead the ASKC as their new director of music education and choir traditions. In 2002 the choir received the Bruno-Frey-Presi honor and was awarded with first prize at the 'German Choir Contest'. Presently, the boy choir's reputation lies far beyond Germany's boards as the group enchants viewers with their spiritual and contemporary music all around the world.

#4 Boys Of King's College, Cambridge

Boys Of King's College, Cambridge

As one of the world's best known choral groups, the Choir of King's College is one of the last pre-eminent representatives of the great British church music tradition. The choir is most famous for its singing at the Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols. The performance held by BBC on Christmas Eve has been broadcasted live since 1928. Millions tune in annually to view the special event. In 2009 the event was added to the US Library of Congress's National Recording Registry, a database of over two hundred historical and aesthetically significant recordings.

The Boys of King's College, Cambridge was founded by Henry VI shortly after he established Cambridge College in 1441. This choir was specifically created to sing at the college's chapel during daily services. The choirs majority purpose is still to sing at these services.

#5 Cincinnati Boychoir

Cincinnati Boychoir

Established in 1965 by the Cincinnati Public School District, the Cincinnati Boychoir presents approximately thirty five performances annually in the Greater Cincinnati area. Several local television stations, churches, community organizations, clubs, and retirement homes all gather around to watch these sophisticated displays of music. Young boys travel from Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana by music teacher recommendation to audition for the Cincinnati Boychoir.

The Boychoir has been invited to perform in collaboration with the Cincinnati Symphony orchestra, the Cincinnati Opera, the May festival Chorus, the Orchestra of Detroit, the Metropolitan Festival Choir, the Vienna Boys' Choir, and the Honolulu Symphony Orchestra. Plus, the boychoir has made special appearances at the Crystal Cathedral and been aired internally at Carnegie Hall on a program known as the Hour of Power.

#6 Copenhagen Boys' Choir

Copenhagen Boys' Choir

The Copenhagen Royal Chapel Choir otherwise known as the Copenhagen Boys' Choir is one of the oldest choral foundations in Scandinavia. Established seventy five years ago, the boys' choir has been held to a high artistic standard. The young boys luckily enough to join the choir go through extremely unique vocal training received at the Sankt Annae Gymnasium, Copenhagen Cathedral, and the Copenhagen Municipal Choir. Not to mention, the Copenhagen Boys' Choir has an large international presence because of its works through major composers of the baroque and renaissance eras. The Copenhagen Royal Chapel Choir gives several concerts each year in Denmark and across the globe.

#7 Czech Boys' Choir

Czech Boys' Choir

The Czech Boy's Choir was established in 1982 and has earned itself the title as one of Europe's most regarded musical ensembles. The esteemed boys' choir has performed over two thousand concerts in Europe, North America and Asia, as well as produced thirteen recordings and has been invited to participate in over twenty other recordings with EMI, BMG, Supraphon, and ArcoDiva. Each year the choir is welcomed to perform with world renowned artists like Bobby McFerrin, Jose Carreras, and other highly regarded orchestras and ensembles from all around the world.

#8 Dresden Boys' Choir

Dresden Boys' Choir

The 'Capella Sanctae Crucis' is the oldest church within Dresden's city walls. It was first recorded in 1319 and is mentioned as a place of excursion. However, in 1388 the chapel's name was changed to 'Zum Heiligen Kreuz'. It was then that choirboys and ministers became an established choir who performed the liturgy. A latin and music boarding school for boys instruction and choir development was first mentioned in Dresden during the 1300s.

#9 Estonian National Opera Boys' Choir

Estonian National Opera Boys' Choir

Founded in 1971, the Estonian National Opera Boys' Choir first began as the State Academic Mens' Choir. The name was later readopted in 1997. Presently, Hirvo Surva is the Main Conductor and Artistic Director of the three tiered choir. The three tiered choir is made up of 140 talented singers with a main concert choir and two training choirs. The main concert choir is built upon a classical mixed choir principal of men and boys voices. Males with broken voices are encouraged to remain in the choir and become basses and tenors. The choir performs in several concert tours, competitions, and singing camps with the support of the Estonian National Opera, and sponsors.

#10 Gothenburg Boy Choir

Gothenburg Boy Choir

The Gothenburg Boys' Choir was established in 1962 by Ms Birgitta Persson in the Gothenburg Cathedral. Since its establishment the choir has toured countless countries in Europe, Australia, and the Pacific. In 1997, the choir delinked itself from the Cathedral but is still strongly versed in its former traditions. Seventy men between the ages of seven and twenty five make up the choirs persons creating the second largest boy's choir in Sweden. The choir is separated into six groups according to voice, age, and routine. The top two groups in the Choir are the 'Concert Choir' and the 'Chamber Choir'. The choir regularly collaborates with the National Symphony Orchestra and the Gothenburg Opera House.

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