How to Sell More Tickets

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Here are Some Ideas to Sell Tickets:

Sensible pricing - you can't get greedy and overprice a ticket. Do some research to see what other choirs or other events are pricing for their tickets. Also be aware to not undersell yourself, as if it's too cheap people won't value what you offer.

Print real tickets - it's always a good idea to have actual physical ticket in hand no matter how they are sold. It makes the accounting easier and you have something concrete to deal with.

Use the venue as an outlet - even if it's not a regular performance venue with the box office, try to get the tickets for sale through a church or magazine or community hall, even weekly bingo sessions.

Delegate - don't try to do it all yourself. Get volunteers from the choir are members of the committee to offer to be contact points for ticket sales. Make sure they can keep track of money and the number of sold and they can be available on the phone or email if needed.

Get box office support - sometimes you cannot expect a committee that organizes a concert to deal with administration of selling tickets also. So try to get other members of the community or professional support. You can find a venue that offers box office services and they usually take a cut. If your venue has a regularly staffed box office they can also deal with credit card bookings and bookings on the phone or website.

Pay for online ticketing - if you do not have a formal box office you can use an online service that will do it for you. They take payment online and keep track of tickets. Such services are WeGotTickets. The service charges 10% handling. Oxboffice.com has no upfront cost. They both offer option of E tickets, which are cheaper than posting out printed tickets and customers just bring a confirmation code to the concert. There are other services out there with varying costs.

Set up online payment on your website - the best known online payment services PayPal. People don't have to have an account to pay using the service and they can use their credit or debit card. PayPal charges a fee of between 1.4% and 3.4% on the total sale amount. You can set up an online checkout, which allows you to specify different ticket prices.

Maximize number of outlets - however you choose to sell the tickets you want to make sure there are number of ways that people can get a hold of them. Don't limit yourself to having to phone or sending a check. The only hard part about several ways of buying tickets is to keep track of the number of tickets sold so make sure you keep accurate accounts.

Run promotions - this is the trend nowadays so get on the bandwagon. Offer two-for-one deals or get one ticket free if you buy five. You can set up a competition where the prize is two free tickets. This makes the ticket buying more attractive and helps you promote your concert.

Have different ways of paying for and collecting tickets - the more ways you have of allowing people to pay more likely you will hit on each person's preferred method. Some people bring cash others pay with online bank transfers or use checks or use PayPal on their smart phone.

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