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QC Choir - Choral Concert Equipment

Choral Concert Equipment (left to right):
Microphone, Concert CD, Index Cards, Speakers, Music Stand, Choral Risers;

Having the right concert equipment, such as live sound equipment, microphone equipment and choral risers makes the difference in your choral performance. Here are some great ways to set the stage for a great school choral concert.

Choral risers - they are absolutely not necessary but they will help with sound projection and the audience can see the singers. It makes it seem like an organized group in rows rather than a giant cluster that is hard to see. Rehearse on them before you perform so that you make sure that no student will fall off at some point.

Microphones - you will need a few handheld and stand microphones and if possible a body microphone for soloist during the show. If you are limited in the sound augmentation then teach your students how to project their voices and use the natural acoustics of the room. Make sure your students know how not to get too close to a speaker or you will get feedback.

Speakers - you may have a built-in sound system with speakers or you may need to bring in portable ones. You need to strategically place them so they act as surround sound for your chorus.

CD player - you will need this if you have instrumental accompaniment for the concert on a CD. Make sure run smoothly and you need to have a backup in case there is a mechanical failure.

Concert CDs - make sure if you have an instrumental accompaniment that you have many copies for backup. CDs are very sensitive and they can easily get scratched or dirty so you can never be too prepared.

Piano, keyboard, or guitar - in case your CDs and play or do not work you may want to use these in place of recorded music and this shows off a students talent.

Music stand - these can be for soloists, a conductor or even to hold programs and are optional.

Index cards - these are used in case the chorus forgets difficult words and an audience cannot see them. You can also use them as a student gives a speech for introducing songs to the audience.

Props or instruments - if you may need these for your performance make sure you have some volunteers to help pass them out to your singers. Store all the props and label boxes so they are ready to go for concert time.

Proper equipment in preparation can prevent a choral performance nightmare and can ensure a great school choral concert instead.

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