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QC Choir - Best Global Choirs

Top Global Choirs (left to right):
Stile Antico, Choir of King's College (Cambridge), The Sixteen, Les Arts Florissants, I Fagiolini;

There are four different attributes that all of the top choirs in the world excel in, which make them the best – tuning, sight-reading, tone, and knowledge.

The best choir singers in the world are taught from a young age to pay attention to those singing around them and adapt their tune to theirs. Tuning is the backbone of any successful choir and few can perfect it like the group Alamire has done in their quest to prominence.

The next most important quality of a choir is the ability of its members to sight read and rehearse music on a quick timeline. In some cases, the best choirs can retain the music to perform an entire show in just half a day.

It is important to assign different tones to the pronunciation of both vowels and consonants. The upper echelon choirs are able to provide clarity in their pitches without excessive vibration.

Lastly, choir members are not only expected to be highly trained and talented with their voices but they also are expected to have a profound knowledge on the artistry and history of it. With that, below are the twenty top choirs in the world today (in order of least to most popular).

#20 I Fagiolini

I Fagiolini is a British solo-voice ensemble specialising in contemporary and renaissance music. Director Robert Hollingworth lead the group through many world renowned performaces such as ‘Tallis in Wonderland and 'The Full Monteverdi'.

#19 Arnold Schoenberg Choir

Established in 1972, the Arnold Schoenberg Choir is known as one of Austria's most sought-after and versatile ensembles. Director Nikolaus Harnoncourt has aided in the choirs performances for over twenty five years.

#18 Stile Antico

Since winning the 2005 Early Music Network Young Artist's Audience prize, Stile Antico is proudly known for rehearsing and performing without the aid of a conductor.

#17 The Balthasar Neumann Choir

The Balthasar Neumann Choir was surprisingly established before the rise of the orchestra of the same name. These self proclaimed free association of singers practice under the direction of Thomas Hengelbrock.

#16 Westminster Abbey Choir

The Westminster Abbey Choir is best known for their effortless bend of tradition and versatility with a unique polish giving it truly a one of a kind quality. James O'Donnell has directed the Westminster Abbey Choir for the last decade.

#15 Les Arts Florissants

Established thirty years ago, the Les Arts Florissants have flourished under the direction of William Christie. The group has consistently been awarded critical plaudits for their lively performances.

#14 Choir of New College, Oxford

The Choir of New College, Oxford is best recognized by their trebles talent. This highly impressive choir is regarded as intense, incisive, and bold.

#13 The Tallis Scholars

Peter Phillips established the world recognized Tallis Scholars in 1973. Since then, the group's sound has developed an early polyphonic repertoire. Its sound is full and flexible but never lacks in power.

#12 Choir of King's College, Cambridge

The Choir of King's College, Cambridge is one of the most famous choirs in the entire world. Each time the group receives a new director their sound only develops further and their repertoire is only broadened.

#11 The Dunedin Consort

The Dunedin Consort is one of the youngest choral contenders to date. Established in 1996, the consort gained John Butt as its larger choral repertoire conductor in 2000. The group has recorded for Linn Records and won two Gramophone Awards.

#10 Swedish Radio Choir

The Swedish Radio Choir is one of Europe's greatest vocal ensembles. Their music is extremely powerful and full of personality winning them a recording spot on the Verdi Requiem in 2001.

#9 RIAS Kammerchor

The RIAS Kammerchor are known internationally for their elegant recording with Harmonia Mundi. Together the group sings a wide repertoire with sounds of terrific power that leave a lasting impression.

#8 Accentus

Accentus, a virtuoso chamber choir, was established in 1991 by conductor Laurence Equilbey. The Accentus repertoire is well versed in the romantic masters of the 19th century all the way to the popular and rhythm based music of the 20th century.

#7 Collegium Vocale Ghent

Philippe Herreweghe establish the 16 voice chamber choir known as Collegium Vocale Ghent over forty years ago.

#6 Wells Cathedral Choir

The Wells Cathedral Choir is one of the UK's oldest choirs. The group is mostly made up of lay clerks who have heavily studied music of the 14th century Vicars Close, a tradition that has yet to be broken in eight hundred years.

#5 Choir Of Trinity College, Cambridge

The Choir of Trinity College, Cambridge is a well accomplished and highly committed choir lead by director Stephen Layton.

#4 The Sixteen

Harry Christophers has lead The Sixteen to musical excellence with well framed and extremely bold programs. Today the group is regarded as one of the world's top choral ambassadors.

#3 The Cardinall's Musick

The Cardinall's Musick thrives on taking a virtuosic musical approach to their music making sure to involve each individual voice with the group. Together they have won Gramophone's Recording of the Year Award.

#2 Polyphony

The Polyphony choir lead by Stephen Layton is recognized across the globe for both their versatility and sound. The group truly embodies the tradition of British choral excellence - whether it be in century old music or the contemporary works of today.

#1 The Monteverdi Choir

Sir John Eliot Gardiner has directed the Monteverdi Choir for over forty years. The Monteverdi Choir is made up of some of the most perceptive and powerful Baroque singers in the world. Within the last few years the group has sung on Bizet's Carmen, Weber's Der Freischutz, and Brahm's A German Requiem.

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